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The Leo may be recognised based on their mightiness and confidence. Leos love being in the center of attention, where they are listened to and agreed with. Independent. Capable, but prone to conflict. They often have a large ego that does not suit others. They love praise and behave like kittens upon receiving it.
Leos are capable of being true rulers. Their main value is genuine respect.
Ruled by the Sun, the planet of energy and vitality, in the 5th house.

Power color: ORANGE or GOLD
Leos are ruled by the sun and, like the sun, are often the charismatic center of their environment. Orange or gold can help them brighten their spirits on the days they feel less than their best. These colors really represent their gift to shine as their unique self and draw attention, no matter who's around.
Guadalupe Terrones

Stones: Citrine, Pyrite, Garnet

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