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The Sagittarius is full of life and an eternal optimist. One who will fight for justice and fair world. The Sagittarius loves coming across new people and places as well as different cultures. Travel and education are of almost prime importance to them. However, they prefer to hide away in tough situations. They are spontaneous and need a large amount of freedom. The Sagittarius is capable of optimism and spreading cheer. Their main value is infinite plenty.
Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism and kindness, in the 9th house.

Power color: PURPLE
There's nothing a Sagittarius loves more than being looked up to for all that they've learned. This color is known for luxury, nobility, wisdom, dignity, grace, mysticism, and calm, so surround yourself with purple to feel more positive, open, and social.
Guadalupe Terrones

Stones: Shingite, Turquoise, Agate

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