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Scorpios are deep, decisive and strong individuals who are dedicated to themselves. Preferring to think rather than speak out loud, unearthing taboos and deeper truths interest them. Mysterious, mystical, but also vengeful. They are hard to read and open up only to select people. Scorpios are capable of reading thoughts. Their main value is the meaning of life. Ruled by Mars, the planet of strength and battle, and Pluto, the planet of transformation and new birth, both in the 8 th house.

Power color: BLACK

Secretive, abstract, and contemplative, Scorpio feels more comfortable in the unknown than any of the other zodiac signs. Wearing black may help Scorpio feel a little more grounded in times of uncertainty. Shadows are ambiguous, but embracing that ambiguity actually makes Scorpio more powerful. Guadalupe Terrones

Stones: Amethyst, Raindrop Azurite, Obsidian

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