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Virgos are prime intellectuals. Their analytical and tactical minds bring them far. They often come across as critical, yet they are their own harshest critics, something people around them often fail to see. They prefer order and discipline and are always prepared for any situation. Virgos are capable of correcting mistakes. Their main value is keeping their thoughts clear.
Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and exchanging information, in the 6th house.

Power color: BROWN
Earth sign, Virgo is best represented by the color brown, like the rich, life-giving soil beneath our feet. Virgo can use brown to take pride in the depth and richness in a full day's work. Sturdy and reliable, they feel most in the zone around wooden material and natural hues, in things like accessories, decor, and even paint colors.
Guadalupe Terrones

Stones: Fluorite, Amazonite, Safir

Our socks are made from öeko tex certified combed cotton in Slovenia, EU.
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