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Three years ago, the story of SLAVSOCKS began; connecting SLAVS and Slavs of our(BALKAN) and Eastern European region.
We started in the Balkans with the motifs of AJVAR, BUREK, RAKIJA, SARMA, and other recognizable elements of material culture that unite us.
Looking back, we have behind us a bunch of projects, recordings, motives, collaborations, and, above all, people who accepted Slavsocks and took them to the world.
Slavsocks were brought to the world by people who are close to the story of Slavsocks and the elements depicted on the socks.
Pictures from all continents, gifts, tourist photos, Tinder profiles, and more formal occasions and weddings have reached us via social networks.

Slavsocks are made in SLAVENIA (Slovenia) from first-class cotton and bear the Öekotex certificate.

We are proud of every project and collaboration, but most of all the people who co-create them.

This time, we selected the models through CASTING on TikTok, where individuals could apply via email. We have chosen many talents, in the team we had everything from a poet, a fashion jewelry designer, a modern dance dancer, a queer&drag performer, and the frontman of a metal band.

Pictures are available on Slavsocks social networks, the exhibition Slavsocks x Zupanov is on display in Zorica, until mid-December, in Zorica&Hostel ZZZ - where it is located
socks vending machine available 24/7 even on holidays.


This collection is entitled LJUBAV <3 LOVE, which plays on the word LOVE; i.e. I NEED LJUBAV - I NEED LOVE(CASH), which is hidden from the eyes and hides on the sole of the sock.
I need love but at the same time I also need money, the socks are UNI-SEX (gender-neutral) knee highs that transform into leg warmers decorated with a red line
until they expand into knee-high socks. It romanticizes love and the sporty Couquette style, which hides other purposes behind its delicacy and flirtatiousness, it is aware of them,
but at the same time, he also uses them to his advantage.

Slavsocks SLAVSOCKS, the Slavsocks brand has been with us for the third year, during which time we have had many collaborations with nostalgic brands and artists, Čokolina & Bijelo Dugme,
SNG DRAMA etc. In order to compile statistics on how many Slovenians wear Slavsocks, we would need the help of the Statistics Office SURS, but we can say that there are many Slavsocks
socks that go beyond the borders of Slovenia, there are physical stores in addition to the Slovenian ones in Belgrade and London.

The white burek socks get their new look, appear in red, and are limited edition socks, for those who want to complete their Slavsocks collection and those who

who follow fashion trends. This year, Cherry Red is IN!

BMK's message is direct, full-length leggings can be worn like leggings, now the question is when BMK us, when the motif is visible, or hidden.
BOLI ME KURAC translates to the phrase IDGAF. A universal phrase uttered in our region, which can be used in several meanings and purposes, as well as full-length Slavsocks.