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Gemini can be immediately recognised based on their love of communication. They are full of ideas and have a vibrant imagination. Innovative. Curious. They are one to try anything, with a penchant for most things they attempt. Bored quickly and sloppy, but usually in a good mood. Gemini are capable of posing good questions. Their main value is new knowledge and all that is new. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and exchanging information, in the 3rd house.

Power color: YELLOW

Gemini represents the curiosity of young children as they learn new things. Rely on scintillating yellow to inspire and revitalise you.

Guadalupe Terrones

Stones: Tiger's Eye, Labradorite, Citrine

Our socks are made from öeko tex certified combed cotton in Slovenia, EU. Sustainability can be fashionable, quality before quantity!